1st Happy Valley Rangers

We are a group of young women in Girl Guides of Canada. We are in the oldest branch of girl members. We just started last year and currently have 11 girls members. We just got back from a fantastic trip to our country's capital, Ottawa!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

First Meeting of the Guiding Year.

Its gonna be a great year, I can tell. We have 4 new members! So with the 8 girls that are returning, that brings our total up to 12.

Tonight we planned for a camp that we will be having in November. We picked reality TV as our theme. We are going to 'spoof' several reality shows. We will be doing our version of 'Hell's Kitchen' - the girls will be given several stapel ingredients and will be challenged to come up with a dessert. We will be doing our version of 'Project Runway/Canada's Top Model'. The girls will be given a bed sheet, a sewing machine, some accessories and will have to design and sew a dress. Someone will then have to model it.

The girls broke up into smaller groups to do some more planning. We will be doing activities based upon the following realiy TV shows...'The Bachelor', 'Fear Factor', 'So You Think you Can Dance', and of course...'Canadian Idol'.

This camp is shaping up to be alot of fun!!!!

We also did a quilt square for the "Steve Irwin Quilt". Some people are putting a quilt together for Steve Irwin's kids and are calling for submissions of squares, so we all signed a square with fabric crayons, drew a Labrador flag and a trefoil. It looks pretty neat.

We also decided our enrollement would be October 26th and we would have a Halloween themed event.