1st Happy Valley Rangers

We are a group of young women in Girl Guides of Canada. We are in the oldest branch of girl members. We just started last year and currently have 11 girls members. We just got back from a fantastic trip to our country's capital, Ottawa!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Enrolled! .... finally

We had our enrollment this Thursday. It went really well. We enrolled two girls, Abby and Allison. It was a very nice ceremony and we had cake! Actually we had alot of food...too much food. But that seems to be the norm at just about every guiding event we've taken part in.

Here are the two enrollees...Abby and Allison with our District Commissioner Maxine. (Maxine is in the middle) Aren't they all purty?

Oh, Heather showed up too!! It was so great to see her again.

We finalized some plans for the amazing race. Its gonna be great.